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Hellanzb::NZBLeecher::NZBLeecher Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Hellanzb::NZBLeecher::NZBLeecher:

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Detailed Description

Extends twisted NNTPClient to download NZB segments from the queue, until the queue
contents are exhausted 

Definition at line 199 of file __init__.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def __str__
def activate
def allGroupsFailed
def antiIdleConnection
def authInfo
def authInfoFailed
def connectionLost
def connectionMade
def dataReceived
def dataReceivedToFile
def dataReceivedToLines
def deactivate
def deferSegmentDecode
def fetchArticle
def fetchBody
def fetchGroup
def fetchGroups
def fetchHead
def fetchHelp
def fetchNewGroups
def fetchNewNews
def fetchNextNZBSegment
def fetchOverview
def fetchSubscriptions
def fetchXHeader
def finishedSegmentDownload
def getAllGroupsFailed
def getArticleFailed
def getBodyFailed
def getGroupFailed
def getHeadFailed
def getHelpFailed
def getNewGroupsFailed
def getNewNewsFailed
def getOverviewFailed
def getSubscriptionsFailed
def getXHeaderFailed
def gotAllGroups
def gotArticle
def gotAuthInfoOk
def gotBody
def gotGroup
def gotHead
def gotHelp
def gotNewGroups
def gotNewNews
def gotOverview
def gotSubscriptions
def gotXHeader
def handle400Message
def lineLengthExceeded
def lineReceived
def postArticle
def postedOk
def postFailed
def quit
def resetCurrentSegment
def setReader
def setReaderFailed
def setReaderModeResponse
def setReaderSuccess
def setStream
def setStreamFailed
def setStreamSuccess
def timeoutConnection
def updateByteCount
def updateStats

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string delimiter = '\r\n'
string EOF = '.'
int line_mode = 1
int MAX_LENGTH = 262144
 paused = False
string RSTRIPPED_END = '.'

Private Member Functions

def _authInfoPassResponse
def _authInfoUserResponse
def _stateBody
def _stateHelp

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

string __buffer = ''

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