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def Hellanzb::NZBLeecher::NZBLeecher::__init__ (   self,

Definition at line 223 of file __init__.py.

00223                                           :
        """ """
        self.username = username
        self.password = password

        # successful GROUP commands during this session
        self.activeGroups = []
        # unsuccessful GROUP commands during this session
        self.failedGroups = []
        # group we're currently in the process of getting
        self.gettingGroup = None

        # current article (<segment>) we're dealing with
        self.currentSegment = None

        self.isLoggedIn = False
        self.setReaderAfterLogin = False
        self.activeTimeout = None
        # Idle time -- after being idle this long send anti idle requests
        self.antiIdleTimeout = None

        # whether or not this NZBLeecher is the in the fetchNextNZBSegment download loop
        self.activated = False

        # the connection is idle when it receives Empty()
        self.idle = False

        # Whether or not this client was created when hellanzb downloading was paused
        self.pauseReconnected = False

        # cache whether or not the response code has been received. only the BODY call
        # (dataReceivedToFile) utilizes this var
00257         self.gotResponseCode = False

        # hold the last chunk's final few bytes for when searching for the EOF char
        self.lastChunk = ''

    def authInfo(self):

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