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Hellanzb::NZBLeecher::NZBModel::NZB Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Hellanzb::NZBLeecher::NZBModel::NZB:


List of all members.

Detailed Description

Representation of an nzb file -- the root <nzb> tag 

Definition at line 24 of file NZBModel.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def cancel
def cleanStats
def finalize
def fromStateXML
def getETA
def getName
def getPercentDownloaded
def getSkippedParSubjects
def getStateAttribs
def isAllPars
def isCanceled
def isSkippedParSubject
def logSkippedPars
def postpone
def smartRequeue
def toStateXML

Public Attributes

 Whether or not this is an NZB that contains all par files.
 Acquired during assembly of an NZBFile.
 A cancelled NZB is marked for death.
 Where the nzb files will be downloaded.
 Time this NZB began downloading.
 Amount of time taken to download the NZB.
 Whether or not this NZB is downloading in par recovery mode.
 The number of par blocks (or par files for par1 mode), queued to download recovery blocks, the par version, and the par prefix for the current par recovery download.
 NZB file general information.
 Whether or not we should redownload NZBFile and NZBSegment files on disk that are 0 bytes in size.
 self.neededBlocks = 0 # ?
 Skipped par file's subjects are kept here, in a list, during post processing.
 Total bytes this NZB represents.
 How many bytes have been downloaded for this NZB.
 How many bytes were skipped for downloading.

Static Public Attributes

tuple fromStateXML = staticmethod(fromStateXML)

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