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Hellanzb::NZBLeecher::NZBModel::NZBFile Class Reference

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 344 of file NZBModel.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def getDestination
def getFilename
def getTempFileName
def isAllSegmentsDecoded
def needsDownload
def tryAssemble

Public Attributes

 Segments that have been dequeued on the fly (during download).
 On Disk filenames The real filename, determined from the actual articleData's yDecode/UUDecode headers.
 Whether or not this is a par file, an extra par file (e.g.
 NZBFile statistics.
 XML tree-collections/references Parent NZB.
 Optimizations LAME: maintain a cached file name displayed in the scrolling UI, and whether or not the cached name might be stale (might be stale = a temporary name).
 XML attributes.
 TO download segments -- we'll remove from this set everytime a segment is found completed (on the FS) during NZB parsing, or later written to the FS.
 yEncode header keywords.

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