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def Hellanzb::NZBLeecher::NZBModel::NZB::getStateAttribs (   self  ) 

Return attributes to be written out to the 

Reimplemented from Hellanzb::PostProcessorUtil::Archive.

Definition at line 247 of file NZBModel.py.

00247                              :
        """ Return attributes to be written out to the """
        attribs = Archive.getStateAttribs(self)

        # NZBs in isParRecovery mode need the par recovery state written
        if self.isParRecovery:
            attribs['isParRecovery'] = 'True'
            for attrib in ('neededBlocks', 'parPrefix'):
                val = getattr(self, attrib)
                if isinstance(val, int):
                    val = str(val)
                attribs[attrib] = toUnicode(val)
            attribs['parType'] = getParName(self.parType)

        if self.downloadTime:
            attribs['downloadTime'] = str(self.downloadTime)

        return attribs

    def toStateXML(self, xmlWriter):

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