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def Hellanzb::NZBLeecher::NZBSegmentQueue::NZBSegmentQueue::parseNZB (   self,
  verbose = True 

Initialize the queue from the specified nzb file 

Definition at line 509 of file NZBSegmentQueue.py.

00509                                            :
        """ Initialize the queue from the specified nzb file """
        # Create a parser
        parser = make_parser()
        # No XML namespaces here
        parser.setFeature(feature_namespaces, 0)
        parser.setFeature(feature_external_ges, 0)

        # Create the handler
        fileName = nzb.nzbFileName
        needWorkFiles = []
        needWorkSegments = []
        nzbp = NZBParser(nzb, needWorkFiles, needWorkSegments)
        # Tell the parser to use it

        # Parse the input
        except SAXParseException, saxpe:
            raise FatalError('Unable to parse Invalid NZB file: ' + os.path.basename(fileName))

        # We trust the NZB XML's <segment number="111"> attribute, but if the sequence of
        # segments does not begin at "1", the parser wouldn't have found the
        # nzbFile.firstSegment
        for needWorkFile in nzbp.needWorkFiles:
            if needWorkFile.firstSegment is None and len(needWorkFile.nzbSegments):
                # Set the firstSegment to the smallest segment number
                sortedSegments = [(nzbSegment.number, nzbSegment) for nzbSegment in \
                needWorkFile.firstSegment = sortedSegments[0][1]
                needWorkFile.firstSegment.priority = NZBSegmentQueue.NZB_CONTENT_P

        s = time.time()
        # The parser will add all the segments of all the NZBFiles that have not already
        # been downloaded. After the parsing, we'll check if each of those segments have
        # already been downloaded. it's faster to check all segments at one time
        needDlFiles, needDlSegments, onDiskSegments = segmentsNeedDownload(needWorkSegments,
                                                                           overwriteZeroByteSegments = \
        e = time.time() - s

        # firstSegmentsDownloaded needs to be tweaked if isSkippedPar and no segments were
        # found on disk by segmentsNeedDownload. i.e. first segments have ALWAYS already
        # been downloaded in isParRecovery mode
        fauxFirstSegmentsDownloaded = 0
        if Hellanzb.SMART_PAR and nzb.isParRecovery:
            for nzbFile in nzb.nzbFiles:
                if nzbFile.isSkippedPar and nzbFile.firstSegment not in onDiskSegments:
                    nzb.firstSegmentsDownloaded += 1
                    fauxFirstSegmentsDownloaded += 1
        # Calculate and print parsed/skipped/queued statistics
        skippedPars = 0
        queuedParBlocks = 0
        for nzbFile in needDlFiles:
            if nzbFile.isSkippedPar:
                skippedPars += 1
            elif nzb.isParRecovery and nzbFile.isExtraPar and \
                    not nzbFile.isSkippedPar and len(nzbFile.todoNzbSegments) and \
                    nzbFile.filename is not None and not isHellaTemp(nzbFile.filename):
                queuedParBlocks += getParSize(nzbFile.filename)

        onDiskBytes = 0
        for nzbSegment in onDiskSegments:
            onDiskBytes += nzbSegment.bytes
        for nzbFile in nzb.nzbFiles:
            if nzbFile not in needDlFiles:
                onDiskBytes += nzbFile.totalBytes
        onDiskFilesCount = nzbp.fileCount - len(needWorkFiles)
        onDiskSegmentsCount = len(onDiskSegments)
        info('Parsed: %i files (%i posts), %s' % (nzbp.fileCount, nzbp.segmentCount,
        if onDiskFilesCount or onDiskSegmentsCount:
            filesMsg = segmentsMsg = separator = ''
            if onDiskFilesCount:
                filesMsg = '%i files' % onDiskFilesCount
            if onDiskSegmentsCount:
                segmentsMsg = '%i segments' % onDiskSegmentsCount
            if onDiskFilesCount and onDiskSegmentsCount:
                separator = ' and '
            info('Skipped (on disk): %s%s%s, %s' % (filesMsg, separator, segmentsMsg,

        # Tally what was skipped for correct percentages in the UI
        for nzbSegment in onDiskSegments:
            nzbSegment.nzbFile.totalSkippedBytes += nzbSegment.bytes
            nzbSegment.nzbFile.nzb.totalSkippedBytes += nzbSegment.bytes

        # The needWorkFiles will tell us what nzbFiles are missing from the
        # FS. segmentsNeedDownload will further tell us what files need to be
        # downloaded. files missing from the FS (needWorkFiles) but not needing to be
        # downloaded (in needDlFiles) simply need to be assembled
        for nzbFile in needWorkFiles:
            if nzbFile not in needDlFiles:
                # Don't automatically 'finish' the NZB, we'll take care of that in this
                # function if necessary
                if verbose:
                    info(nzbFile.getFilename() + ': Assembling -- all segments were on disk')
                # NOTE: this function is destructive to the passed in nzbFile! And is only
                # called on occasion (might bite you in the ass one day)
                    assembleNZBFile(nzbFile, autoFinish = False)
                except OutOfDiskSpace:
                    # FIXME: Shouldn't exit here
                    error('Cannot assemble ' + nzb.getFilename() + ': No space left on device! Exiting..')

        for nzbSegment in needDlSegments:
            # smartDequeue called from segmentsNeedDownload would have set
            # isSkippedParFile for us
            if not nzbSegment.nzbFile.isSkippedPar:
                self.put((nzbSegment.priority, nzbSegment))
                # This would need to be downloaded if we didn't skip the segment, they are
                # officially dequeued, and can be requeued later
        # Requeue files in certain situations
        if nzb.firstSegmentsDownloaded == len(nzb.nzbFiles):
            # NOTE: This block of code does not commonly happen with newzbin.com NZBs: due
            # to how the DupeHandler handles .NFO files. newzbin.com seems to always
            # duplicate the .NFO file in their NZBs
        if nzb.isParRecovery and nzb.skippedParSubjects and len(nzb.skippedParSubjects) and \
                not len(self):
            # FIXME: This recovering ALL pars should be a mode (with a flag on the NZB
            # object). No par skipping would occur in this mode -- for the incredibly rare
            # case that first segments are lost prior to this mode taking place. What will
            # happen doesn't make sense: hellanzb will say 'recovering ALL pars', then
            # SmartPar will later skip pars
            msg = 'Par recovery download: No pars with prefix: %s -- recovering ALL pars' % \
            if skippedPars:
                msg = '%s (%i par files)' % (msg, skippedPars)
            if verbose:
            for nzbSegment in needDlSegments:
                if nzbSegment.nzbFile.isSkippedPar:
                    self.put((nzbSegment.priority, nzbSegment))

            # Only reset the isSkippedPar flag after queueing
            for nzbSegment in needDlSegments:
                if nzbSegment.nzbFile.isSkippedPar:
                    nzbSegment.nzbFile.isSkippedPar = False

            # We might have faked the value of this: reset it
            nzb.firstSegmentsDownloaded -= fauxFirstSegmentsDownloaded
        if not len(self):
            if verbose:
                info(nzb.archiveName + ': Assembled archive!')
            reactor.callLater(0, Hellanzb.Daemon.handleNZBDone, nzb)

            # True == the archive is complete
            return True

        # Finally tally the size of the queue
        dlMsg = 'Queued: %s' % prettySize(self.totalQueuedBytes)
        if nzb.isParRecovery and queuedParBlocks:
            dlMsg += ' (recovering %i %s)' % (queuedParBlocks, getParRecoveryName(nzb.parType))

        # Archive not complete
        return False

DUPE_SEGMENT_RE = re.compile('.*%s\d{1,4}\.segment\d{4}$' % DUPE_SUFFIX)

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