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def Hellanzb::Daemon::forceNZB (   nzbfilename,
  notification = 'Forcing download' 

Interrupt the current download, if necessary, to start the specified nzb 

Definition at line 578 of file Daemon.py.

00578                                                             :
    """ Interrupt the current download, if necessary, to start the specified nzb """
    if not validNZB(nzbfilename):

    if not len(Hellanzb.queue.nzbs):
        # No need to actually 'force'
        from Hellanzb.NZBLeecher.NZBModel import NZB
        return parseNZB(NZB(nzbfilename))

    # postpone the current NZB download
    for nzb in Hellanzb.queue.currentNZBs():
            info('Interrupting: ' + nzb.archiveName)

            # remove what we've forced with from the old queue, if it exists
            nzb = None
            for n in Hellanzb.nzbQueue:
                if os.path.normpath(n.nzbFileName) == os.path.normpath(nzbfilename):
                    nzb = n
            if nzb is None:
                from Hellanzb.NZBLeecher.NZBModel import NZB
                nzb = NZB(nzbfilename)
            # Copy the specified NZB, unless it's already in the queue dir (move it
            # instead)
            if os.path.normpath(os.path.dirname(nzbfilename)) != os.path.normpath(Hellanzb.QUEUE_DIR):
                copy(nzbfilename, os.path.join(Hellanzb.CURRENT_DIR, os.path.basename(nzbfilename)))
                move(nzbfilename, os.path.join(Hellanzb.CURRENT_DIR, os.path.basename(nzbfilename)))
            nzbfilename = os.path.join(Hellanzb.CURRENT_DIR, os.path.basename(nzbfilename))
            nzb.nzbFileName = nzbfilename

            # delete everything from the queue. priority will be reset

            # load the new file
            reactor.callLater(0, parseNZB, nzb, notification)

        except NameError, ne:
            # GC beat us. that should mean there is either a free spot open, or the next
            # nzb in the queue needs to be interrupted????
            debug('forceNZB: NAME ERROR', ne)
            reactor.callLater(0, scanQueueDir)

def forceNZBParRecover(nzb):

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