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Hellanzb::PostProcessorUtil Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

PostProcessorUtil - support functions for the PostProcessor

(c) Copyright 2005 Philip Jenvey, Ben Bangert
[See end of file]


class  Archive
class  DecompressionThread
class  DirName
class  MusicType
class  NeedMorePars
class  ParExpectsUnsplitFiles


def cleanUp
def containsRequiredFiles
def decompressMusicFile
def defineMusicType
def deleteDuplicates
def dirHasMusic
def dirHasPars
def dirHasRars
def dotRarFirstCmp
def findPar2Groups
def flattenPar1Name
def flattenPar2Name
def getMusicType
def getMusicTypeExtensions
def getParEnum
def getParName
def getParRecoveryName
def isDuplicate
def isPar
def isPar1
def isPar2
def isRar
def isRequiredFile
def par2
def processPars
def processRars
def unrar


string __id__ = '$Id: PostProcessorUtil.py 865 2006-11-13 19:26:02Z pjenvey $'
tuple DUPE_SUFFIX = re.compile(r'.*_hellanzb_dupe\d{1,3}$')
tuple EOLbroken = re.compile(r'_broken$')
tuple par1ParityVolumeFileExtRe = re.compile(r'[pq]\d{2}$')
tuple PAR2_LEFTOVER_SUFFIX = re.compile(r'\.\d$')
tuple par2RecoveryPacketRe = re.compile(r'.vol\d+[-+]\d+.')
string RAR_HEADER = 'Rar!'
tuple RAR_NOT_FOUND_RE = re.compile(r'.*File:\ "(.*)"\ -\ no\ data\ found\..*')

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